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Robotic torch cleaner from Nasarc - reamer. This nozzle cleaning station extend the life of your robotic MIG torch and improve cycle time in your robotic welding cell with the INTELLIREAM from Nasarc. This robotic torch maintenance center systematically removes and prevents spatter accumulation for enhanced productivity.
The INTELLIREAM controls the entire reaming process. Every aspect of the reaming cycle is commanded, monitored and verified. The feedback signal to the robot is a true cycle complete signal indicating that the entire sequence has been executed without error.

Features of this nozzle cleaning station - include:
The INTELLIREAM controller features a simple "No Trial - No Error" programming technique and constant process monitoring.
Self centering diamond grip design for positive traction on all nozzle sizes.
Input and output signals are automatically configured for sinking or sourcing systems.
On board diagnostics indicate position and error codes for ease of troubleshooting.
Dry run and sensor override modes make setting up and troubleshooting easier.
Vortex action sprayer with post flow control.
The INTELLIREAM is the only reamer to offer an automatic retry feature.

 Standard Equipment on the robotic torch cleaner - reamer:
Nozzle Reamer (with 5/8" Reaming Bit)
Spray System
TCP check

Options in this nozzle cleaning statiom:
Wire Cutter Module
Network control cable
Auxiliary power cable Adapter / Locator Plate Floor Mount Stand De-Ringer hardware

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