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Nasarc has put together a team of business and industry experts to identify and develop the product plans (strategy, roll-out and execution) in support of our clients' ongoing requirements. This team consists of individuals with expertise in areas such as: welding technology, industrial gases, robotics, sales, marketing, support and infrastructure technology. The goal is to have in place a team with all the necessary knowledge, innovation and business acumen to deliver the "right products for the right applications". Consisting of seasoned individuals with wide and varied experience, the team is made up of individuals with backgrounds from world-class companies - ITW, Miller Electric, Hobart Brothers, National Standard, Air Liquide, Tregaskiss, Nortel, and PRI Robotics amongst others.

NASARC Key Resources Team

Marlene Kteily Administrative Services Management
Michel Tremblay Manufacturing
Stan Kteily Director of Sales and Marketing
Fred Jahnke Information Technology Management
Naseem Kteily President and CEO


Understanding our Clients' business operations (applications, challenges, requirements) is the foundation of being able to provide the products and services that address specific needs. Time and effort is made to define and deliver the "right products for the right applications" by having a thorough understanding of all the elements of a successful partnership; our clients' organization, products and services, end-user customers, business opportunities/challenges, competitors and environmental dynamics. This allows Nasarc to provide its value-added solutions capability.

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