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direct drive robotic torch maintenance center

For Collaborative Robots

Extend the life of your cobot MIG torch and improve cycle time in your cobot welding cell with the Nasarc Intelliream® DD-COBOT (Direct Drive) model. Designed to improve overall welding equipment effectiveness, this torch maintenance center systematically removes and limits spatter accumulation for enhanced productivity.

The Intelliream® DD-COBOT direct drive system delivers high torque, enabling it to ream heavy spatter.

Product Owners Manual

Product Advantages

Automated Nozzle Reamer:

Independent reaming cycle uses a high-strength coated reaming bit designed to effectively remove and discard spatter from the nozzle. A two stage de-ringer removes the spatter ring at the bottom of the nozzle before reaming. The automatic retry feature ensures the nozzle is reamed to full depth.

Automated Wire Cutter:

The innovative pinch-off wire cutter design creates a “V” shape for optimal arc starts. It is powerful and precise enough to handle all wire sizes up to 1/16” mild steel.

Automated Anti-Spatter Sprayer:

Vortex action sprayer delivers a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the interior surface of the nozzle and help prevent spatter buildup. The anti-spatter fluid reservoir may be mounted remotely.

Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor:

Designed to detect and measure adequate gas flow at the point of use.

Nozzle Presence Sensor:

Post-cleaning, presence sensor ensures the nozzle is secured and ready for the next weld.

Intuitive User Interface:

Designed to allow for easy setup, diagnostics and reporting at point of use.


Additional guarding for collaborative robot (cobot) welding.


Footprint Size:                     19” H x 12” L x 10” W

Cutter Speed:                      320 RPM

Air Driven Motor:                0.50 HP

Wire Cutter Diameter:       0.030” - 0.0625”

Air Supply:                            80 PSI, 17 SCFM

Power Supply:                     24 VDC, 0.75 A

process highlights

01 Nozzle gas flow sensor detects gas flow at the point of use.

02 TCP check pin verifies positional accuracy of the tool center point.

03 Vortex action sprayer delivers a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the interior surface of the nozzle.

04 Pinch-off wire cutter is integrated in the clamp housing for easy and quick access, minimizing cobot movement.

05 Nozzle detect ensures that the nozzle is fastened on the torch.

06 Automated reaming cycle uses a high-strength coated reaming bit.

Product Highlights


The Intelliream® DD-COBOT controls the entire process. Every aspect of the reaming cycle is commanded, monitored, and verified.

The feedback signal to the robot is a true cycle complete signal indicating that the entire sequence has been executed without error. If an error occurs in the process, the Intelliream® DD-COBOT returns to its home position and sends an error signal to the robot.

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 4.18.25 PM

features & benefits

01 The settings button is used to configure several features in the Intelliream® DD-COBOT that will optimize performance and assist in maintenance.

02 Reset push-button overrides the Intelliream® DD-COBOT commands to the cylinders and sends them back to their home position.

03 Actuator push-buttons for manual operation will assist in safely programming robot positions and troubleshooting.

04 Indicator LEDs are visible to an operator and show the position of air cylinders. If a fault occurs, the on-board diagnostics report the error via flashing LED codes so the problem can be resolved faster.


• Auto configuration of signal polarity; no need to set DIP switches! The Intelliream® DD-COBOT senses both the input and output type of the robot and sets its I/O immediately.
• The electronics are enclosed in the RCM-2 control module. The control module is easily removed from the side of the machine and disconnected without removing the front or rear panels.
• Magnetic sensors are utilized for optimum position accuracy and reliability.
• Dry-run and sensor override modes make setting up and trouble-shooting easier.
• Self-centering grip design for positive traction on all nozzle sizes.
• On-board diagnostics indicate position and fault codes for ease of troubleshooting.
• A status light signals when the unit is operating and flashes diagnostic codes if a fault occurs.

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 4.20.38 PM

flexible mounting options

There are 2 mounting options.

1) Mounting box - A mounting box can be used to mount on any fixture or table.

2) Floor Mount stand (various heights available)

Ordering Information

Standard Equipment

Spray System
TCP Check
Status Light
Fluid Reservoir

factory installed options

Mounting BoxIRX120099-00
Wire CutterIRW010099-00
Nozzle Detect AssemblyIRE120099-02
Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor DDIRE120099-04


Reaming Bit, 1/2"IRB010500-00
Reaming Bit, 1/2" bottleneckIRB010501-00
Reaming Bit, 15.5mmIRB01M155-00
Reaming Bit, 5/8"IRB020625-00
Reaming Bit, 3/4"IRB010750-00
Robot Control Cable, 90 degree, 20 ftIRE010090-20
Robot Control Cable, 90 degree, 30 ftIRE010090-30
Robot Control Cable, Straight, 20 ftIRE010008-20
Test BoxIRT020001-00
Floor Mount Stand, 30" DDIRX120099-30
Anti Spatter Bulk Feed DDIRS120099-06
DD Cobot- Mounting Options

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