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Tip Exchange System (TES)


Introducing TES, Nasarc Technologies’ innovative automated contact tip change system.
Made up of three components:

Tes Page

robotic torch maintenance center

• Automated Nozzle Reamer

• Automated Nozzle Removal and Replacement

• Automated Tip and Diffuser Cleaning

• Automated Wire Cutter

• Automated Anti-Spatter Sprayer

• Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor

automatic tip changer

• Automated Tip Removal and Disposal

• Automated Contact Tip Replacement

• Easy Tip Cartridge Reloading

• Intuitive User Interface

• Industrial Network Capable

• Controlled and Consistent Tip Fastening Torque

Infinite Rotation Robotic Mig Torch

• High Conductivity Rotary Power Connector (RPC)

• Innovative Gooseneck Connection

• Robust Cable Design

• Stainless Steel Gooseneck

• High Quality Consumables