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Intelliream DD-IOL (White)


Direct Drive robotic torch maintenance center

Extend the life of your robotic MIG torch and improve cycle time in your robotic welding cell with the Nasarc Intelliream® DD-IOL (IO-Link) model. Designed to improve overall welding equipment effectiveness, this robotic torch maintenance center systematically removes and limits spatter accumulation for enhanced productivity.

The Intelliream® DD-IOL model provides additional functionality including enhanced command and diagnostic signals. The complete process is managed by the internal CPU.

Product advantages

Automated Nozzle Reamer:

Independent reaming cycle uses a high-strength coated reaming bit designed to effectively remove and discard spatter from the nozzle. A two stage de-ringer removes the spatter ring at the bottom of the nozzle before reaming. The automatic retry feature ensures the nozzle is reamed to full depth.

Automated Wire Cutter:

The innovative pinch-off wire cutter design creates a “V” shape for optimal arc starts. It is powerful and precise enough to handle all wire sizes up to 1/16” mild steel.

Automated Anti-Spatter Sprayer:

Vortex action sprayer delivers a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the interior surface of the nozzle and help prevent spatter buildup. The anti-spatter fluid reservoir may be mounted remotely.

Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor:

Designed to detect and measure adequate gas flow at the point of use.

Nozzle Presence Sensor:

Post-cleaning, presence sensor ensures the nozzle is secured and ready for the next weld.

Intuitive User Interface:

Designed to allow for easy setup, diagnostics and reporting at point of use.


Footprint Size:                     H: 19” L: 12" W: 10"

Cutter Speed:                      320 RPM

Air Driven Motor:                0.50 HP

Wire Cutter Diameter:       0.030" - 0.0625"

Air Supply:                            80 PSI, 17 SCFM

Power Supply:                     24 VDC, 0.5 A

process highlights

1   Nozzle gas flow sensor detects gas flow at the point of use.

2   TCP check pin verifies positional accuracy of the tool center point.

3   Vortex action sprayer delivers a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the interior surface of the nozzle.

4   Pinch-off wire cutter is integrated in the clamp housing for easy and quick access, minimizing robot movement.

5   Nozzle detect ensures that the nozzle is fastened on the torch.

6   Automated reaming cycle uses a high-strength coated reaming bit.

Intelliream DD-IOL


The networked INTELLIREAM® DD-IOL provides additional performance over traditional reamers.

• Ease of installation and seamless integration with controller.
• IO-Link is available as a port class A device.
• Troubleshooting via diagnostics at the robot or PLC.
• Expandable platform for feature upgrades.
• Single connection for multiple robots.
• Data acquisition of process counters.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 3.58.07 PM

industry 4.0 features & benefits

The INTELLIREAM® DD-IOL torch maintenance center incorporates the following advantages enabled by network connectivity:

• Cycle counter and preventive maintenance countdown will boost uptime and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

• Add-on instruction (AOI) is available for Logix PLCs to cut integration time and costs.

• Magnetic sensors are utilized for optimum position accuracy and reliability.

• Dry-run and sensor override modes make setting up and trouble-shooting easier.

• Self-centering grip design for positive traction on all nozzle sizes.

• On-board diagnostics indicate position and fault codes for ease of troubleshooting.

• A status light signals when the unit is operating and flashes diagnostic codes if a fault occurs.

Advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools help pinpoint issues and decrease downtime.

Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 3.14.09 PM

Ordering Information

Standard Equipment

Spray System
TCP check
Status Light
Fluid Reservoir

Request any of the following options when ordering:

Mounting BoxIRX120099-00
Mounting Box TrayIRX120099-01
Mounting Box Adapter (IRM02/IRM03)IRX120099-03
Wire CutterIRW010099-00
Nozzle Detect AssemblyIRE120099-02
Nozzle Gas Flow SensorNAC40


Reaming Bit, 1/2" IRB010500-00
Reaming Bit, 1/2" bottleneck IRB010501-00
Reaming Bit, 15.5mmIRB01M155-00
Reaming Bit, 5/8"IRB020625-00
Reaming Bit, 3/4"IRB010750-00
IO-Link Cable, 4 pin, 10mIRE060017-00
Floor Mount Stand, 30" DDIRX120099-30
Anti Spatter Bulk FeedIRS120099-06

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