INTELLIREAM® EIP- Ethernet Industrial Protocol 

Simple. Smart. Ethernet Enabled.

Robotic Torch Maintenance Center

Extend the life of your robotic MIG torch and improve cycle time in your robotic welding cell with the next generation Intelliream®  EIP. This robotic torch maintenance center systematically removes and limits spatter accumulation for enhanced productivity.

The Ethernet Enabled EIP model provides additional functionality including: enhanced command and diagnostic signals, direct access to process controls, and feature configuration, with the complete process managed by the internal CPU.

nozzle cleaner Product Data Sheet

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*Optional Wire Cutter is shown on all pictures

nozzle cleaner
  • Process Highlights

    1. High-strength coated reaming bit provides enhanced wear resistance. Precision machined to tight tolerances for optimized performance.
    1. Vortex action sprayer delivers a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the interior surface of the nozzle. Post-flow logic enables self-cleaning.
    1. Pinch-off wire cutter is integrated in the clamp housing for easy and quick access, minimizing robot movement. (Optional)
    1. Tapered cone provides a visual check to ensure positional accuracy of the TCP (tool center point).

  • Performance & Advantages

    The Intelliream®  EIP controls the entire reaming process. Every aspect of the reaming cycle is commanded, monitored, and verified. The feedback signal to the robot is a true “complete” signal indicating that the entire sequence has been executed without error. Modern robotic systems with network capability have advantages over their earlier discrete I/O counterparts. The connectivity of the Intelliream®  EIP provides many of these advantages including:

    • Ease of installation and seamless integration with controller.
    • Troubleshooting via diagnostics at the robot or PLC.
    • Expandable platform for feature upgrades.
    • Single connection for multiple robots.
    • Data acquisition of process counters and solenoid/cylinder activation timers.


    • The Intelliream®  EIP controller features a simple “No Trial-No Error” programming technique and constant process monitoring.
    • Self-centering diamond grip design for positive traction on all nozzle sizes.
    • Complete enclosure seals out small particles and contaminants.
    • On-board diagnostics indicate position and fault codes for ease of troubleshooting.
    • A status light signals when the unit is operating and flashes diagnostic codes if a fault occurs.
    • Dry run and sensor override modes make setting up and troubleshooting easier.
    • The Intelliream®  is the only reamer to offer an automatic retry feature.
    • De-Ringer: A pilot reaming stroke removes the spatter ring that forms on the end of the weld nozzle.

  • EtherNet I/P: Distributed Intelligence

    • The Intelliream® EIP robotic torch maintenance center builds on the foundation of the Intelliream® MP with all of the same benefits of the local user interface (settings button, reset button, actuator buttons, and indicator LEDs) and the following advantages enabled by network connectivity.
    • Separate connections for control and solenoid power. The solenoid power may be tied into a safety circuit and interrupted in an emergency condition. The control connection supplies power to the node and sensors in order to maintain network communications.
    • More control data is available for ease of programming.
    • Advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools help pinpoint issues and decrease downtime.
    • Consumable usage and replacement alerts (anti-spatter fluid, wire cutter, ream bit) assist with preventative maintenance efforts.
    • Add-on instruction (AOI) is available for Logix PLCs to cut integration time and costs.

    Web Server: Extended User Interface for Enhanced Functionality

    • Built-in web server interface that offers enhanced diagnostics, configuration, remote monitoring, and analytics.
    • Its responsive design is compatible with laptops, smart phones and tablets.
    • Interface: Remote monitoring of components, and machine operating state.
    • Settings: Remote operation of actuators, system configuration and troubleshooting.
    • Statistics: Cycle and operations timing and counts, Error log.
    • Email Notification: Alarms, Consumable replacement, Performance metrics.

    The following network communication protocols are available for the Intelliream® EIP: EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus. EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA, Inc.

  • Technical Data

    Footprint Size:
    25″H x 13″L x 10″W
    Cutter Speed:
    1100 RPM
    Air Driven Motor:
    0.65 HP
    Wire Cutter Diameter:
    0.030″ – 1/16″
    Air Supply:
    80 PSI,15 SCFM”
    Power Supply:
    24VDC, 0.65A
    Network Protocols
    Modbus TCP/IP

  • Ordering Information and Accessories

    Standard Equipment

    Intelliream®  EIP
    Nozzle Reamer
    Spray System
    TCP check

    Request any of the following options when ordering:

    Wire Cutter Module
    Nozzle Detect Sensor
    Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor
    Spray Containment Assembly II


    Reaming Bit, 1/2″
    Reaming Bit, 1/2″ Bottleneck
    Reaming Bit, 15.5mm
    Reaming Bit, 5/8″
    Reaming Bit, 3/4″
    Robot Control Cable, 20ft
    Robot Control Cable, 30ft
    Robot Control Cable, 50ft
    Test Box
    Adapter Plate
    Floor Mount Stand