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Robotic Torch Maintenance Center

Extend the life of your robotic tandem MIG torch and improve cycle time in your robotic welding cell with the Intelliream®  MP. This robotic torch maintenance center systematically removes and limits spatter accumulation for enhanced productivity.

The Intelliream® MPT is well suited for reaming tandem welding nozzles using its direct-driven clamping mechanism. Each side of the tandem nozzle is cleaned individually in sequence, the robot rotates the torch from one to the other.

The Intelliream®  MPT is designed with reliability in mind. The internal components are modular and protected from the environment.

Product Data Sheet

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  • Process Highlights

    1. High-strength coated reaming bit provides enhanced wear resistance. Precision machined to tight tolerances for optimized performance.
    1. Vortex action sprayer delivers a radial spray pattern to uniformly coat the interior surface of the nozzle. Post-flow logic enables self-cleaning.
    1. Shearing wire cutter. Simple trouble-free design is integrated with the Intelliream®  MPT.

  • Performance

    The Intelliream®  MPT controls the entire reaming process. Every aspect of the reaming cycle is commanded, monitored, and verified. The feedback signal to the robot is a true “complete” signal indicating that the entire sequence has been
    executed without error.


    • The Intelliream®  MPT controller features a simple “No Trial-No Error” programming technique and constant process monitoring.
    • Direct-driven clamp for securely fastening the nozzle during a ream cycle.
    • Complete enclosure seals out small particles and contaminants.
    • On-board diagnostics indicate position and fault codes for ease of troubleshooting.
    • A status light signals when the unit is operating and flashes diagnostic codes if a fault occurs.
    • Dry run and sensor override modes make setting up and troubleshooting easier.
    • The Intelliream®  is the only reamer to offer an automatic retry feature.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Reset push button overrides the Intelliream®  MPT commands to the cylinders and sends them back to their home position.
    • Indicator LED’s are visible to an operator and show the position of air cylinders. If a fault occurs, the on-board diagnostics report the error via flashing LED codes so the problem can be resolved faster.
    • The settings button is used to configure several features in the Intelliream®  that will optimize performance and assist in maintenance.
    • Actuator push-buttons for manual operation will assist in safely programming robot positions and troubleshooting.
    • Automatic configuration of signal polarity. No need to set DIP switches! The Intelliream®  senses both the input and output type of the robot and sets the I/O immediately.
    • Error signal feedback to the robot: if an error occurs in the process, the Intelliream®  returns to its home position and sends an error signal to the robot.
    • The electronics are enclosed in the RCM-2 control module. The control module is easily removed from the side of the machine and disconnected without removing the front or rear panels.
    • Magnetic sensors are utilized for optimum position accuracy and reliability.
    • Hinged back door/panel for ease of access.
    • Gripper guard helps keep the area clear of spatter.
    • Nozzle detect ensures that the nozzle is on the torch thus eliminating “bad” welds because of contamination. (Optional)

  • Technical Data

    Cycle Time:
    Footprint Size:
    25″H x 13″L x 10″W
    Cutter Speed:
    1100 RPM
    Air Driven Motor:
    0.65 HP
    Wire Cutter Diameter:
    0.030″ – 1/16″
    Air Supply:
    80 PSI, 15 SCFM
    Power Supply:
    24VDC, 0.65A

  • Ordering Information and Accessories

    Standard Equipment

    Intelliream®  MPT

    Request any of the following options when ordering:

    Wire Cutter Module


    Reaming Bit, 1/2″
    Reaming Bit, 1/2″ Bottleneck
    Reaming Bit, 15.5mm
    Reaming Bit, 5/8″
    Reaming Bit, 3/4″
    Robot Control Cable, 20ft
    Robot Control Cable, 30ft
    Robot Control Cable, 50ft
    Test Box
    Adapter Plate
    Floor Mount Stand