Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor

Confident detection at the point of use.

Nasarc’s Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor (NGFS) accurately detects welding gas flow with its state of the art flow sensor. The main advantage of the NGFS is that it measures mass flow out of the welding nozzle, at the point of use, giving you the confidence that shielding gas is present where it is needed.  Additionally, the gas flow sensor is capable of “measuring mass flow” independent of temperature and pressure.

Product Data Sheet

Gas Flow
  • Features and Benefits

    • The NGFS provides reliable and accurate detection of insufficient or excessive welding gas flow between 5 to 60 CFH.
    • The NGFS may be used with any mixed welding gas (argon, C25, C02, or trimix).
    • NGFS may be purchased as optional equipment for the Intelliream®  reamer, the signal is integrated with the Intelliream’s®  control so that additional wiring is not required.
    • NGFS is spring mounted to allow the robot to engage the flow cone without causing a collision error.
    • The NGFS measures mass flow, independent of temperature and pressure.
    • The flow detection set point and tolerance band are independently adjustable.
    • Embedded control is used to ignore the gas surge at the beginning of the weld, as well as spikes in flow which may occur during measurement.
    • Detection is based on stable gas flow over time.
    • Operational LEDs make it easy to tune the instrument according to the required gas flow.

  • Technical Data

    2.5″H x 2.8″L x 2.8″W
    5 – 60 CFH
    Max Pressure
    60 PSI
    Power Supply
    24VDC, 0.01A

  • Ordering Information and Accessories

    NGFS Intelliream®  Option

    Nozzle Gas Flow Sensor – IR
    Only available when ordered with the Intelliream®  MP and EIP