Infinite Rotation Robotic MIG Torch

Experience a revolution in robotic MIG welding with the new Revolution360® Thru-Arm Torch. Engineered for industrial applications, the Revoution360® is extremely durable and thermally stable to provide a high-quality weld with every arc.

Product Data Sheet

  • Features and Benefits

    • High conductivity rotary power connector (RPC):
      Compact, low torque design ensures thermal stability at high current.
    • Innovative gooseneck connection:
      Tool-less design provides consistent positive pressure and dual path current transfer that provides arc stability, resulting in high quality welds.
    • Robust cable design:
      Uniquely designed cable stress management system maintains a longer operating life cycle.
    • Stainless steel gooseneck:
      Designed to guarantee a repeatable and accurate tool center point (TCP), reducing downtime and touch-ups.
    • High Quality Consumables:
      Industry proven diffuser and nozzle geometry ensuring consistent gas flow.
      State-of-the-Art in house processing maintains critical operating tolerances extending service life.
    • Tool-less gooseneck replacement designed for ease of serviceability.
    • Dual disconnect at either end of the power cable.
    • Snap-on nozzle is easy to remove and secures a consistent coupling when replaced.
    • Fully automated torch maintenance when integrated with complementary system products from Nasarc Technologies®.
    • Reduce robot move time with faster reorientation of the sixth axis.
    • Reduce down-time with robust power cable.
    • Precision and accuracy of programmed welding positions.
    • Consistent high quality welds.
    • Complete isolation of welding current through the entire system.
    • The REVOLUTION360® rotary power connection maintains welding current throughout the welding process.
    • Excellent thermal performance.

  • Robot Integration & Wire Feeder Integration

    • Fanuc®, Motoman®, ABB®, Panasonic®, Kuka®, Kawasaki®, OTC Daihen® and others
    • Lincoln®, Miller®, Fronius®, Panasonic®, OTC Daihen® and others.

  • Technical Data

    350 Amperes, 100% Duty Cycle, Mixed Gas (according to IEC 60974-4)
    500 Amps, 60% Duty Cycle, Mixed Gas
    Standard Torch Angles:
    22°, 45°
    Contact Tip Wire Sizes:
    .030″, .035”, .040″, .045”, .052“, .063″4