Infinite Rotation Robotic MIG Torch

Experience a revolution in robotic MIG welding with the new Revolution360® Thru-Arm Torch. Engineered for extreme durability and thermal stability, the tool center point maintains its accuracy and precision. The innovative gooseneck connection ensures current transfer with minimum fluctuation, which results in high quality welds.

Product Data Sheet

  • Features and Benefits

    • 350 Amps, 100% duty cycle with mixed gas.
    • Constant pressure tapered neck interface for robust and reliable electrical connection.
    • High conductivity and long life rotary power connection.
    • Torsional cable stress is eliminated with low friction rotation.
    • High accuracy and precision of tool center point (TCP).
    • Stainless steel neck offers improved TCP repeatability and durability.
    • Consistent gas flow with proven diffuser and nozzle geometry.
    • Primary and secondary power transfer paths maximize conductivity.
    • Tool-less gooseneck replacement.
    • Dual disconnect at either end of the power cable.
    • Snap-on nozzle is easy to remove and secures a consistent coupling when replaced.
    • Reduce cycle time with faster reorientation of the sixth axis.
    • Accuracy and precision of programmed welding positions.
    • Complete isolation of welding current through the entire system.
    • Optional crash protection system.
    • The REVOLUTION360® rotary power connection maintains welding current throughout the robot’s quick movements.
    • Excellent thermal performance.

  • Robot Integration

    • Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Panasonic, Kuka, Kawasaki, OTC Daihen and others

  • Technical Data

    Mixed Gas:
    350 Amperes, 100% Duty Cycle (according to IEC 60974-4)
    Standard Torch Angles:
    22°, 45°
    Contact Tip Wire Sizes:
    .035”, .045”, .052“